Before you start creating your own site, you need to find out what hosting and domain are. These two concepts include the principle of placing sites in the open Internet access.


Any site can be presented as a set of information data that must be stored somewhere. Initially, the site is just some number of files written on the computer's hard drive. And only those people who have direct access to the hard disk can view these files.

To the site was in public access, a server was developed. The server is a kind of platform accessible to the outside world, allowing you to view the posted information and copy it to a personal computer. Administrative access is only available from the site owner.

And hosting, in turn, is a place on the server that the provider provides on a paid basis. You can not buy a seat on the server. Standard hosting is leased for a year, and then, if the customer wants, the lease is extended.

Domain Name

But just to place a site on a hosting is not enough. After all, people do not know where it is stored. Domain or domain name is the address of the site on which the latter can be found. It is enough to enter a domain name in the address bar to immediately get to the right resource. Domains have several levels and are leased for a while, like hosting.

Using the example of the random address, you can parse the domain name into its components;

HTTP (HTTPS, FTP and so on) are data transfer protocols (hypertext). The often encountered HTTPS protocol indicates that the transfer of data from the site takes place in the secure connection mode.
domenrandomadres - this is the domain name. Site owners come up with it themselves, focusing on the functions and goals of their project. The name should be simple and memorable, so that users can easily find the site in the future.
.COM is the zone in which the site is hosted. Zones are divided into territorial, thematic and other features. Sites created in Russia are more often registered in the .RU domain zone.
It is important to note that if the domain name is occupied, you will not be able to rent it. It is necessary to either slightly change the order of letters / words in the name, or to choose another domain concept and completely rename the project.

On the Internet, you can find sites that offer domain and hosting on a free basis. But such companies either do not have high-quality software, or are scammers. It is better to contact the providers with a good reputation, which provides a full package of accompanying services. You can order hosting from our company GLOBALNET.