Reliable, stable and fast hosting is one of the main conditions for the success, popularity and longevity of any website, whether it be a personal business card page or a powerful information portal. In addition, hosting simply must be more convenient, as well as provide the maximum functionality and a wide range of services. It is this cms hosting, which fully meets all the above conditions, is provided by Globalnet.

No matter how interesting and unique the website might be, no matter how ideal its internal structure and SEO-optimization, no matter how high the budget for its promotion and promotion, it is unlikely to be popular and visited with regular inaccessibility for users or if its pages will load too long. With cms hosting from Globalnet, problems of this kind are completely excluded.
What features does the Globalnet host provider provide?

Even against the backdrop of the harshest competition in the hosting services market and a huge number of offers, the company Globalnet noticeably stands out for the better. This is due to the fact that users of CMS-hosting from Globalnet receive the most wide range of opportunities and privileges:

  •     Guarantee of uninterrupted uptime of servers (99.9%);
  •     impeccably high speed of the sites, thanks to the placement of equipment in the leading data centers of Ukraine;
  •     round-the-clock technical support;
  •     access to the latest versions of the most diverse special hardware and service provision;
  •     installation of all popular content management systems (CMS) in just two clicks;
  •     instant activation of any service;
  •     daily data backup and storage in independent data centers;
  •     the ability to lease a VPN or a dedicated server.

All of the above allows clients of CMS-hosting to create Internet resources of any level of complexity, any volume and any subject. No wonder Globalnet chose over 6,000 webmasters.
Prices and offers

Another undoubted advantage inherent in cms hosting from Globalnet is the very affordable prices. This applies to hosting itself, and an extensive list of additional services and options, and domain registration in a variety of areas with very substantial discounts.

In addition, one of the most attractive "chips" of the company is to provide the user with an absolutely free "test drive" for a period of 30 days. This gives the webmaster the opportunity to evaluate the parameters and hosting capabilities, check the speed and stability of the system, select the optimal tariff and configuration of its resource. A very important aspect is the fact that Globalnet guarantees the return of unspent money to any user.

Globalnet is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable, stable, fast and inexpensive hosting in the entire post-Soviet space!