As evidenced by the results of a wide variety of polls and contests, Joomla's Content Management System (CMS) is confidently among the world's top three leaders. This wide popularity is explained by several factors:

  • wide platform capabilities, allowing to create Internet resources of completely different structure, themes and depth;
  • the ability to change the external design, the structure of templates, the functionality of the site;
  • a lot of free extensions, plugins and modules that allow a webmaster to make a unique site without huge financial costs.

The world community Joomla literally puts on new resources every day new and new opportunities, paid or free. And the owners of Internet resources are happy to string them one on another. And this is where the problems begin. Not without reason, experienced webmasters strongly recommend that you initially choose native joomla hosting to avoid potential problems.

Pros and cons of Joomla

It should be noted that, for all its attractiveness, CMS Joomla is a fairly large software environment. Of course, a professional programmer can remove some pieces of code, exclude any unnecessary scripts and optional commands. And what should a webmaster do that is not very versed in PHP, CSS, HTML and other tricky abbreviations?

Yes, undoubtedly, very many site owners are captivated by an unlimited choice of templates with a unique design that can easily be forged by themselves, a solid and informative control panel for the site, and the number of additions turns heads from the variety of offers. This platform really allows you to create masterpieces, both in terms of uniqueness or content, and in terms of design and functionality.

Why you need a dedicated hosting for Joomla

For all its advantages, unfortunately, the Joomla site management system takes a lot of server resources. This, in particular, is associated with the amount of program code abounding in software scripts, and with the fact that each installed extension makes the response time of any page heavier. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the site is downloaded for almost a minute, or even becomes completely inaccessible.

The question is solved very simply. By placing your project on a specialized hosting Joomla, specially adapted for this CMS, the webmaster automatically gets rid of the above problems and acquires a number of obvious advantages:

  • speed of each page of the site;
  • compression of the program code and optimization of data placement on the server;
  • loyalty on the part of search engines;
  • the ability to make changes to any fragment of the service or user interface.

It is this kind of hosting, which is customized specifically for CMS Joomla, with the consideration of all the features of this platform, its individual requirements for system resources and the requirements for executing scripts, is offered by GLOBALNET. Among the obvious advantages of this host-provider are the following:

  • up-time 99.9% $
  • 24-hour "human" monitoring of equipment operation;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • the ability to install Joomla CMS with the optimization of server resources in 2 clicks;
  • daily backup;
  • 30-day free test drive.

It is worth installing the platform of Joomla for a specialized hosting from GLOBALNET, thought out just for her, as this sometimes cutesy and whimsical beauty immediately turns into a faithful and devoted friend of life.