The WordPress site management system was originally conceived as an easy CMS for managing a blog, a personal page, or a resource called today the fashionable term "lending." Intuitive control, lack of need for deep knowledge of programming languages, the ability to easily make any changes to the so-called open source very quickly brought WP worldwide popularity.

However, over time, CMS Wordpress has become such a popular platform that on its basis today is created almost more than half of all Internet resources. Moreover, it has long been not about simple websites, but about entire information portals. And although the WordPress community has been releasing free applications from time to time, this CMS is increasingly being commercialized. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that the former "light" shell requires more and more server resources.

The problems of "severity" of Wordpress
In fact, the WP engine is very fast and adaptive. Even if there are excessive "beauties" and inaccuracies in the internal optimization on the site, its pages will be loaded quickly enough, no matter how many of them. The main thing is to choose the right wordpress-hosting, which will avoid problems with performance.

What does "right" mean? The fact is that at first the WordPress shell affects very small resources of the host server. But each new plug-in installed, an extension or widget "heavier" the Internet resource. Moreover, each new publication can become "unbearable" for a third-party server. Sometimes the site simply "lies down", and the host provider makes claims. Simply because hosting is not properly optimized for working with WP.

How to avoid problems with the workability of the site on Wordpress
The answer is quite obvious - you need to choose exactly the hosting that, as they say in the environment of professionals, is "imprisoned" for hosting WordPress. And this means a number of nuances:

absolutely uninterrupted operation of the site;
fast loading of pages;
the possibility of mutual communication;
convenient control panel.
And most importantly - the ability to make the same changes and add extensions, as mentioned above, without compromising your own resource.

What is this achieved? The main thing here is to clean up the "excessive" code that the search engines do not like. This is the optimization of hosting for a particular CMS.

Few of the host providers are ready to assume daily backup, provision of all the most popular service programs and the latest versions of special applications and utilities.

But Globalnet - can
It is these services, in its full variety, offers the company Globalnet It is important that any webmaster or newcomer is guaranteed the highest stability - 99.9% of the site's performance. In addition, it is this well-known provider that offers a daily backup on third-party servers. All of these features can be tested by any registered user absolutely free of charge in a test mode for 30 days.

One can not but note the efficiency of the support service. It works 24 hours a day and responds favorably to any user request. Well, how not to mention the cost of services. Of course, there is not and can not be a standard template. Very much depends on the wishes of the customer. But there is one regularity. Why try to time after time to step on the virtual rake, trying to create and promote your site? Let these real rakes come professionals - at the same time and the site will do, and the garden will be cleaned, and even these rakes will be thrown out - is not it?